About Us

w2play (what to play) is a place where you can discover new and old games you can play on your PC. We are a bunch of passionate gamers just like you and we needed an easy way of checking which games we could play on our machines or which components do we need to upgrade in order to play that new game that's coming out. As you probably already know there was no easy way to do this, until now! We decided to do something about it.

For gamers by gamers
We made w2play because we needed it and because we know a thing or two about making nice websites. As gamers we like to share stuff with the community and help others enjoy games as much as we do so we made it extra nice for all of us.

 Easy to use

We made w2play as a simple search engine. You just need to select your CPU, GPU and RAM and click the Search button to see all the games you can play.

New games all the time
We are constantly adding new games but we believe that good games are good regardless of the release date so don’t be surprised if you see old games in your results. We know you haven’t played them all wink


In the mood for some FPS or RPG or just interested in games released this year? Stop reading this now and use the filters already* smiley

* but please come back or we'll miss you

 Advanced features (GPU, CPU, RAM scores)

We don't like to judge but this time we have to. Look at it from the bright side, when we rank your hardware we can tell if you can run the game on high graphic settings or barely run it at all and that is quite useful, right? Ah, don't worry we won't share your scores with others so no one will ever know if you don't want them to. We won't deny you your bragging rights though cool