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We like to help gamers and you can too with ads that offer hardware upgrades new games and other gaming products and services. If you share the same gaming passion as we do and you want to help gamers from all over the world enjoy games even more please contact us.

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We are a young site which gives us an opportunity to be flexible when it comes to ad partnerships. As you probably noticed we don't have ads from mass ad networks on our site because we want to provide the best possible experience to our users. We need ads that will help our users and we see a great opportunity to do so by advertising games, gaming gear, PC gaming hardware and other gaming related products and services. For example, if our user has an old graphics card and can't play a lot of good games we should be able to help with an ad for a new graphics card or even a full gaming PC. Ideally we won't display ads, instead we would like to show relevant and personalized recommendations that could help our users with their gaming experience.

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Let's see how we can help the gaming community (and each other) by letting them know about your products/services that will improve their experience or help them solve a problem.

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